BillyBoy guitars came from my idea of creating the guitar of my dreams, and like many guys on the school bench, I drew sketches that were imaginary and sometimes impossible instruments.

Later, as a professional lutist, having some guitars to be dismantled and reassembled, I realized that certain things in my designs could not be totally realized but this experience led me to build my line inspired in the 60s and 70s r’n’r imagery.

I’ve always been experimenting with wood and electronics, and now BillyBoy guitars can play as instruments of fine craftsmanship with a vintage attitude, and at the same time as modern instruments, suited to the more contemporary musical languages.

I can make BillyBoy guitars using any kind of wood or any kind of electronics, depending on the sound and aesthetics I want to get.

Two BillyBoy guitars apparently identical in shape and color can also sound in a totally different way.