The “Classic” is the first ever BillyBoy model that I designed.

It has gone through various stages and initial changes.

The very first models of the series, though having their own charm, were bigger and rawer.

In those first days of experimentation I wanted to build a unique and original instrument, without taking too much care of standard measures.

I knew I was on the right track.

With this model I’ve tried many interesting customizations to get the most different sounds: I’ve tried various types of electronics and pickups, and I’ve tried various wood-based solutions, both in a single piece and in a composite, to further modify the voiceof the instrument.

After years of renhancement on this BillyBoy model, I made it become what is today: handy and of regular size as expected from a great guitar.

The stainless steel command plate is well accessible and can accommodate at least three potentiometers and one switch.